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Baby Shower Venues in London

Find the perfect venue in London to hold your Baby Shower, Christening or Naming Day with a range of party venues, function rooms and event space available for hire offering afternoon tea packages, buffet lunches, party packages or just a venue for a few drinks with friends and family.

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1 Baby Shower Venues in Greater London, England

Ibis Budget London Heathrow T5
Calder Way, Horton Rd, Heathrow, Greater London, SL3 0AT

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Baby Shower

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How to Guide 04/10/23

Choosing a venue for your Baby Shower

Whoever is throwing the baby shower, whether it’s the mum-to-be or a close friend or family member, choosing the perfect venue will set this special occasion off to a great start. It’s traditional to host the event at home, and while this can work well, choosing a venue and its professional services, ample space and facilities, is an excellent way to make this celebration truly wonderful.Booking an event venue for a baby shower increases your options in terms of guest numbers, catering and themes, you’ll even have a bigger choice of fun and games – no need to stick to space limited word-related games, such as ‘Don’t Say Baby’ you can go all out with activity games. Why not give Place The Baby On The Mummy or Sloppy Nappy Relay a try? If you want some baby shower game ideas, you’ll find plenty here.Using private event venues for baby showers can make it a lot easier - not to mention saving a lot of clearing up! It’s important that the venue set the right tone, so here are some tips on choosing your baby shower venue.Set the dateFirst things first, mum-to-be must decide when she wants to host her baby shower party. It’s normal to hold it when the pregnancy is around 7 months along, which provides plenty of time to plan, give invitees notice and give the newly expecting parents time to organise what other products they need for the baby, once they have received their baby shower gifts. To book private venues, you will need to set a firm date and book the venue weeks or months in advance. Your baby shower themeTheming the baby shower is a wonderful way to personalise the party, emphasising the special relationship between mother and baby. The chosen theme could have a bearing on your choice of venue, for example, if mum-to-be has a special interest, such as history, nature or science, the perfect baby shower venue may be a museum that displays artefacts relating to her interest. Or, if she knows baby’s gender you could go with an ‘it's a boy’ or ‘it's a girl’ theme.  If mum just loves to be pampered, and let’s face it, she deserves to be, you could choose a local spa as the baby shower venue and give her a real treat.Remember, these are modern times and fathers-to-be like to be involved in every aspect of their baby’s lives. This has meant that baby shower parties that include both male and female guests have come into favour and, in these cases, you’re advised to choose a baby shower venue that appeals to both genders, somewhere neutral. This is when restaurants, local community venues and hotel function rooms can be ideal. Choosing a baby shower venueBy the time you have chosen a baby shower theme and date, you’ll probably have a good idea of the number of guests that will be attending and how much money you have to spend. There’s no harm in asking a venue to work to your budget, as long as you’re realistic in your choice, most will do their upmost to accommodate you. The number of guests will determine the venue size and type. Maybe just a few close friends are coming, so create an intimate affair in a small and cosy venue or if it’s lots of guests travelling from far and wide, the baby shower event starts to feel more like a wedding reception and large venues with catering will be your best choice. A large event doesn’t mean you r options to do something special are limited, there are plenty of unusual and unique venues for baby showers, such as theatres, castles, sports clubs or monuments.Given your knowledge of mum-to-be and the guests to be invited, knowing which type of venues for baby showers that will delight everyone will probably be instinctive - creating a short list and making a final choice will be the challenge. There are professional organisations that specialist in venue selection. Using a venue finding website will help, or contact a member of our team of venue finding experts. We love babies and we love baby showers - we’ve got plenty of ideas that can make your baby shower unforgettable. Just get in touch, we’re here to help.Find baby shower venues here.

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