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Millbrook, Bedfordshire, MK45 2JQ
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Millbrook offers customers the opportunity to combine top-grade hospitality and catering with access to private test tracks. This makes its venues ideal for product launches or dealer training, with classroom sessions followed by driving experiences. Millbrook’s events team give customers complete flexibility for event design, with each venue being available on an exclusive basis. They are located in a secure environment, allowing for total confidentiality.

4 Venues, Unlimited Possibilities
Highly Secure & Confidential
Centrally Located (Junction 13 of the M1)
50 miles of secure tracks

Concept 1

Concept 1 is a space you can make entirely your own with the absolute certainty that you will have exclusive access to it during your event. Each area within Concept 1 can be used in isolation or together, making it a perfect venue for any event between 85 to 350 delegates. Opt for panoramic floor length windows with natural light flooding in to inspire.

Concept 2
Concept 2 gives you 1250 square meters in which to design your event, that’s big enough to hold an Olympic-size swimming pool with room to spare. Significantly, there are no internal support pillars to restrict the views of your delegates or your own creative thinking.

Pod is an individual venue that can be used for everything from funky fun days to the most confidential product launches and meetings. Set apart from Concept 1 and 2, Pod can accommodate events for 25 to 80 delegates. Pod can also be transformed into an elegant dining room or a small venue with big ideas for fully-branded product launches and conferences.

Cubo is our smallest and most fun and quirky venue. Welcoming up to 30 delegates in a contemporary, creative environment, it’s an ideal base for ‘Ride & Drive’ events or just small informal meetings.

Concept 1
Max Capacity 350

One of Millbrook’s larger venues, Concept 1 has a unique look that adds immediate impact to any event.

A ‘blank canvas’, it is versatile and configurable to suit any combination of requirements. The venue consists of a reception area (A), open-plan wings (B) divided in the centre by a mezzanine (C), two domes (D) and the steering pad (E).

The wings are ideal for a presentation theatre, while the domes can offer a picturesque, panoramic view of the steering pad or total motorised blackout. The venue benefits from vehicular access into the wings and the domes and can be partitioned for a smaller event.

Room Layouts

Layout type Capacity
Banquet 350
Boardroom 300
Cabaret 120
Classroom 300
Dinner Dance 350
Reception 450
Theatre 350
U-Shape 300
Click here for room layout guide
Concept 2
Max Capacity 1000

By far Millbrook’s biggest venue, it is large enough to fit a full-height contemporary circus performance!

Concept 2 boasts 12-metre-high ceilings and is perfect for large scale conferences, exhibitions, and seminars. It has no internal support pillars, so that every delegate can get an uninterrupted view.

It can be used as a single space or converted into smaller rooms to complement the size and agenda of the event. The venue is often linked to Concept 1 to allow for even more scope and flexibility, or to accommodate delegate arrival and catering requirements.

Room Layouts

Layout type Capacity
Banquet 1000
Boardroom 1000
Cabaret 750
Classroom 700
Dinner Dance 1000
Reception 1000
Theatre 1000
U-Shape 300
Click here for room layout guide
Max Capacity 80

Pod is Millbrook’s “little venue with big ideas”. It is located at the heart of the proving ground in the UK with easy access to the 70 km of tracks.

The venue offers a parking or demonstration area at the front and can be divided internally to suit the event. Delegates can either arrive in their own vehicles, or be transported from Millbrook’s main gates.

Room Layouts

Layout type Capacity
Banquet 80
Boardroom 80
Cabaret 80
Classroom 80
Dinner Dance 80
Reception 80
Theatre 80
U-Shape 80
Click here for room layout guide
Max Capacity 30

Like Pod, Cubo is located at the heart of the proving ground in the UK with easy access to the 70 km of tracks. It is fun, quirky and bright.

Millbrook’s smallest venue, Cubo holds up to 30 delegates. It is ideal for informal meetings and as a base for driving activity days.

It has ceiling-to-floor windows and comes configured as standard with AV equipment and a bar for catering.

Room Layouts

Layout type Capacity
Banquet 30
Boardroom 30
Cabaret 30
Classroom 30
Dinner Dance 30
Reception 30
Theatre 30
U-Shape 30
Click here for room layout guide
Max Capacity 0

Millbrook offers an unrivalled combination of tracks suitable for virtually every vehicle demonstration, all in a picturesque location.

For breath-taking off-road experiences, Millbrook combines off-road and severe off-road circuits to meet customers’ specification. These tracks provide a comprehensive range of terrains for every type of vehicle from soft-roaders to full high-mobility military-specification vehicles.

Millbrook Proving Ground was purpose-built as a test facility for passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles. On-road tracks include the famous Millbrook Hill Route, which simulates challenging European roads, the high speed circuit and a number of flat areas for parking or dynamic demonstrations.

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