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Why our ‘customer is king’ ethos means more than just service

CYE is built on the ethos that states, customer is king. We live this philosophy every day, but rarely have we explained what it means to us, and why it is important to you.

To some organisations, customer is king simply means customer service. At CYE, this is not enough. Yes, of course, we are committed to providing our customers with service levels that surpass their expectations with solutions they need delivered with gratitude, helpfulness and politeness. We are always more than eager to help customers with anything they need – nothing is a problem. The difference is that we believe true value is only provided by service innovation: by continuously developing new services that your customers didn’t know they needed but make a huge difference to their lives once they have them. Essentially, if you want your customer to be king, you must find new ways to keep them on top.

Service innovation

A good example of service innovation is our ‘Ask the Expert’ option. It’s an update to our long-running and highly popular ‘Request for Proposal’ service. Event and venue bookers can still save time by sending their event brief to all venues in their shortlist simultaneously online, by completing an RFP. We’ll even save them time by creating a shortlist of matching venues for them and sending the RFP on their behalf. Now, to expand on this service offer, we’ve now added ‘Ask the Expert’ with a phone number that comes through to our concierge service. It’s all completely free for them to use.

The concierge team here at CYE assist you with choosing a venue. When you call them, they listen to your brief, discuss through venue options and then send an RFP on your behalf to the best venue choices for your event. Ask the Expert has evolved our automated RFP option, answering our customers’ needs, with a full venue selection service.

Call 0345 004 6355 now to ‘Ask the Expert’ for help choosing your perfect venue.

New faces

To help us keep delivering customer service innovations day after day with bright new ideas, we have taken on two new recruits, Dannii and Bradley. This dynamic duo will be working with new customers; living the ‘customer is king’ ethos by helping them make the biggest returns from their CYE subscription.
To learn what CYE can do for you, contact Dannii and Bradley on 0345 004 6355.

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